The Importance of a Divorce Lawyer When You Are Thinking Of Ending Your Marriage

The top five leading causes of divorce are also what can make the divorce process even more complex and why you need a divorce lawyer to help you.

Marriage is hard and divorce can be even harder. The problems that were inside the marriage that led to the eventual break down of the relationship don’t simply go away when the living arrangements and legal commitment change. In fact those problems can become intensified with a good dose of hurt feelings, anger, pain and miscommunication. Most marriages that end do so for a few basic reasons including money problems, alcohol abuse, sexual dysfunction, immaturity and jealousy.

Since the divorce process often brings out the worst in both partners it is a good idea to get a divorce lawyer as soon as you begin to start thinking about divorce. You don’t have to follow through with a divorce if your situation changes but talking to a divorce lawyer in Columbus Ohio early on can help you prepare mentally and financially for what lies ahead.

Since money troubles are the first leading cause of most marital fights it would only make sense that they are also the leading cause of most divorces. Couples who enter into marriage today are not like the couples that were married a generation ago and expectations on both people has changed with the times and civil rights. Women are no longer expected to be homemakers and in fact in many relationships they can actually be the main breadwinner. But it is how the money is spent not how the money is earned that can become a source of a power struggle between a couple and eventually lead to the demise of the marriage.

Divorces under these circumstances maintain the same dynamic of power struggles, communication failure and money being used to cause as much emotional pain as possible. A divorce lawyer can help because they are not caught in this dynamic. They are able to see the big picture and agree to or negotiate a fair settlement offer based on financial facts and law- not anger or pain.

If you have minor children a divorce can become even more painful as children become pawns in a childish game between warring parents who may find it difficult to place their anger on the back burner in the best interest of the children. In the case of alcohol abuse those concerns may be legitimate but they need to be addressed by a divorce lawyer not you.

Your lawyer has the skill set and education not to mention the experience to know how a family court judge will rule based on the cause of the divorce and even though this can seem like a clear cut case of being an unfit parent to you- the courts will rarely rule to exclude a parent from the life of a child if provisions can be made for the relationship and bond to grow in a safe environment. And supporting this bond , regardless of your feelings towards your soon to be ex-spouse will make your divorce lawyer’s job easier and help you be heard in court as well. Divorce is hard- but you can control how hard it is.

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